I have completed post-graduate training to allow me to teach Pilates.

Pilates is a form of exercise that can be performed by most people, regardless of age, fitness level or previous exercise experience. It can be useful as part of rehabilitation following an injury or surgery, to help with pain, or to improve general fitness. It has a strong focus on posture, core strength and controlled movement.

1-to-1 Appointments

I offer 1-to-1 appointments for Pilates. The first session lasts for approximately 45 minutes and costs £40. It involves an assessment of your posture, movement and strength. The key principles of Pilates are taught and you will be given a programme of exercises tailored to your needs that you can complete independently. If you wish to have further sessions these will last for approximately 30 minutes and will involve a review of your progress and, if appropriate, your current exercises can be progressed.

Pilates Classes

I am also currently in the process of setting up Pilates classes which will commence in January 2019.

Pilates classes will run:

  • Mondays 19:30-20:30 at Belton Village Hall
  • Thursdays 09:30-10:30 at The Queen’s Head, Belton

The classes will run in courses of six dates and will cost £6 per class. Payment of a course will reserve your place in the class. There will be a maximum of 12 participants in each class. All essential equipment will be provided. It is recommended that you bring a water bottle with you and if you would like a towel please feel free to bring your own.

Everyone that wishes to attend the Pilates classes must have an initial 1-to-1 appointment with me first. This initial appointment is very important and ensures that you will gain the maximum benefit from attending Pilates classes. The appointment allows me to assess your posture, movement and strength and identify any specific areas that may need to be addressed. It also allows me to check your medical history to ensure it is safe for you to participate in Pilates classes and to determine whether any adjustments would need to be made to allow you to participate fully.

During this appointment you will be taught the key principles of Pilates including; how to find your optimal posture, how to engage your core muscles (including pelvic floor muscles) and correct breathing control. You will also be taught some exercises that you can do independently which will be at an appropriate level for you based on the findings of your assessment.

This initial 1-to-1 appointment lasts for approximately 45 minutes and costs £40. Following this appointment you can reserve a place in a class and the first course of six sessions will cost £24 (usually £36).

To book an appointment please call 01530 588220